2012/02/02 "Senior Serviceman Hit Deliberately!"
  • Press Release No. 10/1444
  • 02/02/2012

The Novorossiysk Garrison Court continues the criminal trial for the death of sailor Dmitry Dmitriyev (b. 1990) from the Orel Region. He was called up to military service in summer 2011, and served in M.U. 99608, Krasnodar Region. On August 25, 2011 Dmitry died of cardiac arrest. The investigation found out that it had happened as a result of a blow delivered by senior serviceman Gorbunov. Gorbunov beat other several soldiers (they were lucky - they didn't die). The Mother's Right Foundation represents the interests of the mother of the deceased, Svetlana Nikolayevna Dmitriyeva. The previous hearings were held on January 17, 2012, January 31, 2012, and February 1, 2012 (for more information, see Press Release No. 06/1440 of January  27, 2012; No. 09/1443 of February 1, 2012). Before the case was sent to court, Article 111, s. 4, of the RF CC had disappeared from the charge sheet.  Earlier it was mentioned along with Article 335 of the RF CC. Before the disappearance of Article 111, an unknown person called to Svetlana Nikolayevna and introduced himself as an investigator. He offered money to ‘settle the matter'. Mrs. Dmitriyeva refused to take the money... The Mother's Right Foundation is struggling so that the case be returned to the prosecutor and the charge sheet include Article 111. Our position is based on the practice of the Military Collegium of the RF Supreme Court in such cases. All our petitions on returning the case to the prosecutor were rejected. Meanwhile, the Novorossiysk Garrison Court tries the case within Article 335.

At the hearing of February 1, the court interrogated complainant Svetlana Dmitriyeva. She told that Dmitry had been a kind and sympathetic person. She knew that he had many friends. More than she could imagine. She knew it when all of them came to Dmitry's funeral... Svetlana Nikolayevna told that she could not believe the man who called her from the unit and said that Dima had died from heart failure. Dima was a healthy boy. He played football and his heart was fine. ‘I agree with the conclusion of the medical investigation that my son died as a result of the blow delivered by Gorbunov,' said the mother of the deceased.

Then, the court interrogated several witnesses in the case.

Witness Cherkasov told that on August 25, 2011, 4 A.M., Gorbunov woke up his junior fellow servicemen and ordered them to make squats. While they were making squats, he hit them. Cherkasov was standing opposite Dmitriyev and saw that the blow dealt to Dmitriyev was strong - it was a swing blow. Witnesses Alexakhin and Stefyuk gave the same testimony. Alexakhin told that Dmitriyev felt bad and he ran to bring some water for him. Then, he ran to inform those in the entry control point. Zarema Yusupova asked him, ‘Why he didn't you tell about bullying earlier? Why did you lie?' ‘I was scared,' said Alexakhin.

Then, the court interrogated Doctor Valery Yurievich Chukhrayev, psychiatrist and narcologist. He explained that at the moment of the crime Gorbunov was drunk but realized what he was doing. Then, Vadim Vyacheslavovich Surnin gave explanations on cardiac arrest. According to him, it's not necessary that a blow be strong. A blow is lethal when it is delivered to the reflexogenic zone at a certain moment of heart beating.  Zarema Yusupova specified, ‘Do you mean that other servicemen survived by chance?' The expert's answer was positive, ‘If one more blow had happened at a certain moment, somebody else could have died'.

Next hearing is scheduled for February 13, 2012.

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