2012/07/03 "Video Conference with Witnesses"
  • Press Release No. 54/1488
  • 03/07/2012

Today, July 3, the Mother's Right Foundation continued its work in Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka, where it participates in the trial for the death of Sergei Khudoroshko (b. 1992), a conscript from the Novosibirsk Region who served in M.U. 09762. The accused in the case is a certain Mr. Chamkurov, senior servicemen of the same unit. The case is tried in the 35th Garrison Court. At the request of the attorney of the accused, the court organized a video conference with several witnesses, the victim's fellow servicemen. This kind of communication gave the parties of the trial the opportunity to interrogate the witnesses online. The interests of the parents of the deceased are represented by the lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, Zarema Yusupova, who has been staying in Kamchatka for three weeks. 

On June 27, with the help of the video conference, the court interrogated witness Maxim Galusian.

Maxim Galusian and Sergei Khudoroshko were of the same draft and served in the same subunit. He remembered Sergei as a nice and reliable person. Maxim knew about the unit tradition, according to which each young conscript was obliged to give 5000 rubles to a certain senior serviceman. And only then he could live a normal life. Also, young conscripts were obliged to serve as senior servicemen's errand boys for 100 days. Maxim knew that all the servicemen were divided into ‘bullies' and ‘crocks'. Senior servicemen would often have ‘fun': they made Galusian and Sergei Khudoroshko wear big and ridiculous berets. He saw Khudoroshko's bodily injuries: a bruise on the cheekbone and hematomas on the chest. As for money orders, all the servicemen knew who was to receive money because soldiers were informed about them during formations. So senior servicemen knew who among young conscripts would soon receive a money order. When Chamkurov asked Galusian about Sergei Khudoroshko's ‘master', the latter answered, ‘You know about it better than me'.

Maxim Galusian did not confirm Chamkurov's assertion that there had been a conflict between Chamkurov and Subbotin. He said that they both were senior servicemen and were on good terms with each other.

On June 28, the court interrogated witness Fyodor Tymko.

He confirmed that the unit servicemen were divided into ‘bullies' and ‘crocks'. Senior servicemen were ‘bullies', and junior servicemen were ‘crocks'. According to the witness, senior servicemen would make fun: they made junior servicemen ‘to sit on the air'(a victim had to half squat and keep the pose as long as possible). Or they made their victims to ‘dry a crocodile' (a victim had to stretch his body over a bedstead with his hands and feet on headboard and footboard). Fyodor Tymko experienced these kinds torture. He said, ‘Sure, I didn't like to sit on the air'. According to the witness, a junior serviceman had to give some 3000-5000 rubles to a certain demob. He told that Chamkurov compelled Khudoroshko to recognize him as his master.

Tymko confirmed his testimony that Chamkurov had been the unit's ‘chief bully': when the conscripts of their draft arrived at the unit, he informed them about their ‘100 day service'. 

When asked by the attorney of the accused, Tymko gave a direct answer, ‘Yes, I think that the death of Khudoroshko is related to Chamkurov's actions'.

On July 3, the court interrogated Denis Fateyev who confirmed his testimony and described Chamkurov as ‘a poorly educated, brutal, hot-tempered and contentious person always putting himself above other people'. During the investigation, Fateyev said that Chamkurov had been a bad influence on Subbotin. At today's hearing, he confirmed this.

The court read out the testimony of witness Nechayev who for some reasons hadn't arrived at the court.

According to Nechayev's testimony, hazing flourished in their subunit. He described Chamkurov as ‘an impudent and selfish serviceman' who constantly humiliated junior servicemen calling them foul names. Nechayev confirmed that Khudoroshko had had to ‘serve' for Chamkurov. When asked, he said that Sergei Khudoroshko had died because of Chamkurov. He described Sergei as a quiet and sociable guy...

Next hearing is scheduled for July 4, 13:00.

The previous hearings were held on May 29, 2012; May 30, 2012; June 4, 2012; June 5, 2012; June 6, 2012; June 14, 2012; June 18, 2012; June 21, 2012; June 26, 2012; June 27, 2012; June 28, 2012.