Maria ChertokMaria Chertok
Director at CAF Russia


CAF Russia has been cooperating with The Mother’s Right Foundation for many years and can recommend it as an effective, responsible and creative team of like minded people.

The sphere of the charitable activities of The Mother’s Right Foundation is extremely complex and resource-demanding as its core activities are professional legal defence of dead soldiers’ families and work with students: lawyers-to-be and volunteers. Such professional charitable services are a rare case in Russia; they are unique, taking into account the fact that it’s a grassroots foundation that has worked for more than 20 years.

We appreciate the cooperation with The Mother’s Right Foundation and recommend it as our partner in the sphere of charity and philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and volunteering, pro bono legal aid and other social projects.


Anita SobolevaAnita Soboleva
Associate professor at Higher School of Economics


The Mother’s Right Foundation is a well-known human rights organization with specialization in the defense of rights of families, children and parents of conscripts who became victims of murders or other violent crimes while having their military service. In most cases the state does not want to admit its fault and responsibility, so serious legal efforts are needed to sue the officials in charge, collect evidences for court hearings and to present strong legal arguments in order to obtain compensations for parents who lost their children in the army in time of peace. For many years the Foundation provided legal support to these people. It took long time for its lawyers to work out legal strategy and act in courts in a way that has eventually improved judicial pratice. JURIX has worked in close cooperation with the Foundation. Our lawyers contacted the Foundation for professional advice in cases  when we lacked expertise or specific knowledge. Their lawyers do very sad work and used to act in difficult psychological atmospere: not many lawyers and NGOs can talk daily to parents who lost their children during military service.