2012/04/20 "Mother’s Right Foundation Hosted Seminar for Regional Activists"
  • Press Release No. 33/1467
  • 20/04/2012

On April 20, the Mother's Right Foundation hosted a seminar titled ‘Creation of the monitoring system on realization of the rights of dead servicemen's families' in the Independent Press Centre (Moscow). The seminar was conducted within the frame of the project supported by the Representation of the European Commission in the RF.  

The seminar started with the welcome speech of Veronika Marchenko, President of the Board of the Mother's Right Foundation. She thanked the participants for putting aside their plans and arriving at the seminar. "In all regions, families of dead soldiers come across the violation of their rights and the impunity of state bodies that are not under the control of the society. Our goal is to collect and analyze all cases of violation of the rights of dead servicemen's families in the RF and to make state bodies keep within the law, including the laws that provide the rights of the people who gave their children to the service of our country. Ineffective executive bodies ruin good legislative initiatives. Laws should be written to be followed."

During the seminar, the experienced lawyers of the Mother's Right Foundation, Anna Mukaseyeva, Tatiana Sladkova, and Zarema Yusupova, shared important information on the rights and benefits of dead servicemen's family members with the seminar participants and answered their numerous questions.

The seminar was attended by 19 activists of the Mother's Right Foundation from Arkhangelsk Region, Ivanovo, Kirov Region, Kurgan, Kursk Region, Moscow, Moscow Region, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Penza, Rep. of Kabardino-Balkaria, St. Petersburg, Tver, Tula Region, Cheboksary, and Chelyabinsk Region. Now the seminar participants can share the unique information with family members of dead servicemen. It became known that the seminar was in great demand. People formed a line to make copies of the participants' summaries. The lawyers of the Mother's Right Foundation delivered lectures on the most important issues concerning the rights of dead servicemen's families.

Within the frame of the first section titled ‘What you should do when family members of a dead serviceman apply for help', Tatiana Sladkova, lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, told about the rights of victims in criminal cases and the compensation for moral damage.

The second and third sections were devoted to the social rights of family members of dead servicemen (benefits, allowances, loss-of-breadwinner pensions). During the second section of the seminar, Anna Mukaseyeva, lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, told about the documents family members of dead servicemen should have at hand; the wording ‘died in military service' and what they should do if a death certificate lacks it; the benefits (measures of social support) provided by the Federal Law ‘On Veterans' (particularly those concerning municipal services and housing); and monthly payments.

During the third section of the seminar, Zarema Yusupova, lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, told about the loss-of-breadwinner pension and its amount; what state bodies family members should apply to in order to receive such pension; preferential right to the pension and the right to increased pension; the state bodies responsible for pension insurance.

During the forth section titled ‘Other rights of family members of dead servicemen', Zarema Yusupova and Anna Mukasyeva told about new amendments to legislation (particularly, about the new monthly compensation payments provided by FL No. 306).

Each section ended with answers to numerous questions asked by the seminar participants. Then, Veronika Marchenko addressed the audience with concluding remarks, "You should know laws. But it's not enough! You should also know how to make officials keep within the law".

All the seminar participants received information kits that contained tables, diagrams, and samples of different kinds of applications. Leaving the Independent Press Centre, the mothers and fathers of dead servicemen thanked us for the knowledge they gained during the seminar, "It is really necessary!" We hope that our activists will be able to provide parents from their regions with the necessary information when asked for help.

The Mother's Right Foundation expresses gratitude to Natalia Alexandrovna Yakovleva, Director of the Independent Press Centre, for the possibility to host the seminar in the hall of the Centre.