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The Mother's Right Foundation is a Russian non-profit organisation created in 1990 to protect the rights and interests of parents who have lost children in the two recent Chechen wars, the Kursk submarine disaster, and similar incidents. We also investigate deaths in the armed forces which are due to poor living conditions, unhealthy psychological conditions, and other factors.

The Foundation is the first organisation set up in the former Soviet Union to address the problem of servicemen who die during peacetime. The Foundation was officially registered by the Justice Ministry in 1993 and re-registered in June 1999 in accordance with Russian Federation law.

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We are motivated to succeed by the following:

  • Our belief in legal solutions to problems, our strength, and ability to change the world;
  • Our belief in the rule of law;
  • Our commitment to our clients, especially those that are underprivileged;
  • Enlightenment, in providing information and education to those seeking assistance;
  • Continuously searching for friends and affinity group;
  • Openness to new ideas and projects.

The Mother's Right Foundation has 500 coordinators in the Russian Federation and 45 in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The Foundation is one of the founders of the Russian Human Rights Research Center and the International Assembly of Human Rights Protection.

This is to thank for activie contribution to the success of the projectWhat does the Foundation provide? We:

  • provide free legal consulting services for the parents of the deceased servicemen and legal representation of their interests in the judicial process;
  • help in the creation of new laws;
  • publish the Dead Soldiers Memory Book, the Lawyer's Council series, and related publications;
  • provide legal information to family members of deceased servicemen;
  • conduct sociological studies and other related studies.

In 2003, the Foundation gave legal assistance to more than 7,200 families of deceased servicemen. It also published eight books, including the MEMORY BOOK series for the years: 1992, 1994, 2000, Lawyer's Council series (1997 and 2000) et al. Since 1994, the Foundation has been a member of the State Duma working group on introducing amendments in legal acts on servicemen and their family members.

The Foundation has substantial experience in obtaining grants. In 1994-2009, we obtained grants from: the Embassy of Switzerland with the assistance of the Liberty Road Association, Law Consortium ARD/Checchi, the Open Society Institute (Moscow), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Embassy of USA (Small Grant Programme), the Open Society Institute-AF (Budapest), the Sigrid Rausing Trust, EIDHR etc.

The Foundation's financial records for 1993-1995 were published in our newsletters. Also, short accounts of the Foundation's 1997-2003 activities are regularly published in Nezavisimaya Gazeta and other newspapers. The Foundation has successfully passed inspection by the Justice Ministry, as well as other checks by State tax inspection № 10 in Moscow. Х.Клинтон, В.Марченко, М.Обама

The Foundation is one of the founders of the Russian Research Centre for Human Rights, and also cooperates with the International Charitable Foundation for Political and Legal Research (Interlegal), the Charities Aid Foundation, Freedom House and others.

In November 1998, the Foundation's chair, Veronika Marchenko, was awarded a national ‘Public Recognition' prize. In December 2002, she was awarded a prize by the Moscow Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, and in March 2009 she was awarded the International Women of Courage Award.

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