Auditor's conclusion for 9 months 2008
  • AUDITOR'S CONCLUSION on financial (accounting) statements for executive body (proprietor) of Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right" for 9 months 2008                    
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License (s) Date and Number on a Realized Activity Category

License № Е 000203 of 20.05.02
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Organization to Be Audited

Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right"  INN7710043971

An audit of the enclosed financial (accounting) statements of the Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right" for the period of 01.01.08 - 30.09.08 inclusive was produced by the "Audit-911" Auditing Company.

The financial (accounting) statements of Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right" consist of:

Full responsibility for preparing and presenting financial statements lies on the Executive Board of the Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right".

Our responsibility lies in expressing the opinion on truthfulness of the financial (accounting) statements and the correspondence of the accounting order with the RF Legislation.

We performed the audit in accordance with:

The Federal Law "On Auditing Activity" №119- FZ on 07.08.2001.

Federal rules (standards) of auditing activity, certified by RF Government Regulation of 23.09.2002 № 696.

Rules (standards) of auditing activity of "Audit-911" Auditing Company.

The audit was planned and performed to make it possible to gain reasonable assurance in the absence of substantial defacements in the financial (accounting) statements.

The audit was performed on a sample basis and includes the following items:

Examination based on testing of evidence, which confirms the essence and disclosure in the financial (accounting) statements of information on Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right" financial and economic activity;

Estimation of accounting principles and methods, rules of financial (accounting) statements preparation;

Determination of main assessed values, gained by the audited body direction in the process of financial (accounting) statements preparation;

Estimation of the general overview of financial (accounting) statements.

We suppose that the audit performed gives sufficient grounds for expressing our viewpoint on truthfulness of the financial (accounting) statements and the correspondence of the accounting order with the RF Legislation. While performing the audit inspection, we have followed the Federal Law "On Accounting" (No.129-FZ of 21.11.1996), Regulations on performing accounting statements in RF, approved by the RF Ministry of Finance (Order No. 34n of 29.07.1998), Regulation on Accounting Statements «Accounting of Organization» (Order No. 43n of the RF Ministry of Finance of 06.07.1999), and the Order of the RF Ministry of Finance «On Forms of Financial Accounting Statements of Organizations» (Order No. 67n of 22.07.2003).

In our opinion, the financial (accounting) statements Inter-regional charitable "Mother's right" foundation present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position as of December 31, 2007 and the results of its financial operations for the period from January 1 through December 31, 2007 in accordance with the Russian Federation legal requirements concerning preparation of financial (accounting) statements.

The audit of Interregional NGO's Fund "Mother's Right" was accomplished on 28/10/2008.

  • from January 1 through General Director
    Auditing Company "Audit-911"LTD.
    D.I. Popov
  • Leading auditor
    I.L. Nikitina
  • (Certificate No. K011910, unexpired)