2010/03/10 "Reservist Camp Murder"
  • Press Release No. 12/1280
  • 10/03/2010

Tomorrow, on March 11th, the Kirovsky District Court, Yekaterinburg, starts the trial filed by the Mother's Right Foundation on behalf of the father of a dead serviceman, Valery Ivanovich Galanov from Udmurtia. His son, Andrey Galanov (b. 1980), was murdered during the training assembly at the reservist camp...

Time and again, the Mother's Right Foundation made public the stories relating to deaths during training assemblies. Our last trial was the case of thirty-seven year old Roman Semenov, a respectable head of the family and father of two children. His wife received his body in ten days after he was transported by force from his working place to the training camp (see press releases No. 125/1126 of 17th November, 2008; No. 36/1179 of 12th May, 2009; No. 42/1185 of 25th, 2009; No. 43/1186 of 26th May, 2009; No. 47/1190 of 1st June, 2009).

Andrey Galanov was called up for the reservist training camp in March 2009. Twenty-four year old Andrey was a reserve senior sergeant. On 4th March, along with other reservists he arrived at Military Unit 65327, Perm Region. According to the schedule, on 16th March, the reservists were at the shooting ground - they were shooting at targets. During the shooting, one of the reservists, on his own, started shooting at his fellow reservists and fired 15 bullets.' As a result, two men - Andrey Galanov and Dmitry Kuznetsov (b. 1978) - were killed. Andrey was awaited by his pregnant wife; his son was born in several months after his death. Dmitry was awaited by his wife and 3 year old daughter. If it were not for the training assembly, these kids would have not been left fatherless. The criminal actions of the shooter were stopped not by the military men responsible for conducting the training shooting but by one of the reservists. A school teacher and a reserve major, Basharov, commanded, ‘Get down!' Then he snatched somebody's gun and wounded the killer (the latter survived and recovered) and stopped the murderous shooting.

The materials of the case could have shocked anyone. The military Commissariat of the Oktyabrsky District, Izhevsk Town, called up Ruslan Anfirovich Yakupov whose testimonial reads: ‘He has convictions on his record: on 4.12.2000, the Izhevsk Military Court sentenced him to 1 year in a penal colony of general regime under Article 334, s. 4, of the RF CC; in February 2005, the Oktyabrsky District Court, Izhevsk, sentenced him to 3 years of probation under Article 158, s. 3, of the RF CC. At the first interrogation, he said, ‘I fired a burst, then stood up and deliberately opened a disorderly fire (...) No conflicts on the eve of the event; nobody had offended me; I was on good terms with everybody...' It was found out that Yakupov suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and that was the reason why he had not been sentenced to real terms of imprisonment for his crimes and instead had been committed to a mental hospital.

The Mother's Right Foundation demands that the father of the deceased Andrey Galanov receive a compensation for moral damage caused by his son's death. The interests of the father of the deceased will be represented by the volunteer lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, Tatiana Sladkova. Her business trip to Yekaterinburg is possible thanks to the Sky Express Air Company which gave the Foundation free tickets - Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow.