2010/04/27 "May: Heroes, veterans, scholars"
  • Пресс-конференция 27.04.2010Press Release No. 17/1285
  • 27/04/2010

TODAY, April 27, the press-conference of the Mother's Right Foundation has taken place in the Independent Press Center. The theme of the conference was «They are also veterans. How the state treats Heroes and veterans of military actions». The Head of the Mother's Right Foundation, Veronika Alexandrovna Marchenko, spoke at the conference. She summed up the results of the Fund's work connected with the law proceedings of the Foundation in the interest of the families of perished Heroes and veterans of military actions.

According to Article 45 of the law «About provision of pensions for people who did military service...», members of the families of perished Heroes and veterans of military actions have the right to receive higher pension due to the loss of the breadwinner. Today such this bonus for the members of the families of perished is 100%, for the members of the families of perished veterans of military actions the bonus is 32% of the base part of the pension. However, military registration offices one and all turn such families down, so mothers, fathers, widows and children of the heroes can stand upon their rights only in courts. The motivation of the denial is rather strange, they say: «The right right to receive pension due to the loss of the breadwinner could have had the hero or veteran himself, if he would have been alive». Veronika Marchenko told that since 2005 the fund has had a lot of law proceedings connected with the Heroes and veterans: the cases of Kuyanova, Krestyaninova, Zakharchuk, Andrenkova, Zhidkovs, Rumyantsevs, Tribuntsovs, Firsova... The main part of trials were held in 2009. We didn't lose any of the cases, all people who addressed us for help receive a higher pension because of the loss of the breadwinner. But new letters from new parents, whose cases were turned off, keep on coming to the Fund. Why cannot the Ministry of Defense change it's cynical attitude to the families of perished Heroes and veterans in case when both the Law itself and prosecution (prosecutors visited our last trials in order to support the position of the Fund «The Mother's right») stand for the people whose interests we represent? The fund «The Mother's Right» made a special request to the Ministry of Defense and the position of the ministry fully corresponds to the policy of refusals of military registration offices. Now our Fund appealed to the General Prosecutor of the RF with the request to take some measures and to suppress the infringement of the article 45 of the Law No. 4468-1 ««About provision of pensions for people who did military service, served in internal affairs agency and Criminal Investigation Department and their families» dated by February 12 in the year 1993. We want the General Prosecutor to deliver the submission about the elimination to the Ministry of Defense of the RF and to bind the Ministry to charge a pension due to the loss of the breadwinner taking into account the rise; by 100% from the base part of the old-age pension according to the article 45 of the Law about the members of the Heroes' families and by 32% of the base part to the members of the veterans' families.

Finishing the speech, Veronika Marchenko said: «Many people live as if there had not been any war in the Northern Caucasus. They forget that a young person aged 20-30 may also be a Veteran of military actions. And we must be serious and respect this fact. People do not want to five a seat to Young Veterans in public transport, although many of veterans have been badly injured. When they show their documents, people are suspicious whether the medals have not been stolen or falsified. But they are also veterans.

The next point of Veronica Marchenko's speech was the theme of May military assemblies for scholars connected with «Conceptions of below the conscription training for youngsters in Moscow until the year 2020». According to this Conception scholars-Moscovites will have to pass 5 days in May-June 2010-2011 in conscriptions. Veronika Marchenko reminded the audience about the case of a 16-years old scholar Sasha Bochanov, who died in conscriptions and whose case was investigated by the Fund in years 2003-2004. Sasha and his school friends were on coscriptions in the military camp «Chaika» in Tumen region. During the quick march of 10 km. (scholars ran in gas-masks after the supper) the child had vomit, that got into his respiratory tracts. He could not have been saved. The information about this has for a long time been on the pages of press and on TV. The newspaper «The First of September» devoted the whole issue (from the 3d of April 2004) to the trial of Vladimir Zavadskyi, the commander of the conscriptions. The paper published the whole procedure of the trial. Veronika Marchenko cited the speech of Sasha's mother, Ludmila Bochanova: «Your honor! I lost my son and I am very hard to speak, but I must do it. Because now, when I do not have my son, I speak on behalf of those mothers, whose children are alive and healthy and are only going to attend military conscriptions and join the army. I would like such case,  that took place in «Chaika»with my son, never to repeat again. While been sent there, our sons were cheerful and enthusiastic. And when we received them back, they were depressed, prostrated and shocked by what they had seen. According to the case materials, the children were stripped to the skin and had to obey commands. On their PT lessons the children had to press-up in gas masks. The children were made to sing in gas masks while they were running! For their misdeeds they were punished in the following way: they had to crawl to the feet of the platoon commander, then he went backward, so they had to crawl across the whole stadium... The children were kicked, had their outstretched - by the command -  arms bitten by the fingers... The humiliations can be enumerated for a long time. But I think, those being spoken about are enough for everybody to understand how the children were humiliated and suppressed...» So, what do we have in the end? The end is full of sorrow: Sasha's death taught people nothing ant his case can be repeated with some other children. Veronika Marchenko reminded, that the person, guilty for Sasha's death, had only suspended sentence. In this case the family of the boy does not have a right for any social compensations as their son died not being a serviceman and was not a breadwinner. Veronika Marchenko sais: «We must do our best for this case not to be forgotten. Parents have the right not to let their under-age children to the military conscriptions, but this right has to be struggled for».

In the end of the press-conference Veronika Marchenko told the audience about the experiment, held by the Fund «The mother's right». One and the same request for a delivery of a court practice's articles book was sent by us to the Public Chamber of the RF and to the US Embassy Small Grants Program. The result turned to be interesting: the Public Chamber, for the fourth time, rejected to finance the project, thus preferring to spend the money of taxpayers on some other projects - collecting of weather-beaten stones, buying pets for children from low-income families, helping to jobless people in the certain RF region, backing up youth organizations of the political party United Russia. And American taxpayers via US Embassy Small Grants Program financed envelopes and stamps for a delivery of the fourth issue of the book «Lawyer's advice. For the parents of perished soldiers» and a memo of Russian laws.  Russian military registration office's officials, workers of social protection organizations and Russian courts ask us to send them  the book, which delivering is financed by the western money. A good book, they say. And we will send. Thanks to American taxpayers.