2011/05/18 "20 Men Miraculously Survived"
  • Press Release No. 31/1367
  • 18/05/2011

On May 18, the Solnechnogorsk Garrison Court started considering the case of Alim Saidulov (b. 1992) who died in the army. He was called up to military service in May 2010, and served in M.U. 7576, Moscow Region. On June 16, 2010 a column of cars transporting the unit's servicemen was going to the shooting ground of another military unit. Alim and his fellow servicemen were in the lorry driven by Timur Valeyev. On their way back, approximately at 17:00, the lorry with 20 servicemen overturned in the Mytischi District, Moscow Region. As a result of the crash, Alim Saidulov was heavily wounded and died on the way to hospital. Valeyev was charged under Art. 350, s. 2, of the RF CC (reckless driving resulting in death). The interests of the father of the deceased, Binali Zainulovich Saidulov, were represented by the lawyers of the Mother's Right Foundation, Mikhail Golovenchik and Ilona Farkhadova. The case was considered by judge Oleg Andreyevich Kazantsev.

During today's hearing, the court interrogated several witnesses. Captain Alexei Shevchuk, Deputy Commander of the military unit, gave important evidence. Firstly, Valeyev had little driving experience and was not to drive the lorry with people; instead, he was to drive the last cargo lorry. Secondly, the servicemen noticed the weaving of the car on the way to the shooting ground and informed the chief of the column, Leonid Kosharny, but he did not react. (Kosharny was in the list of subpoenaed witnesses but not present at the hearing. It was reported that he had been transferred to another unit.) The foundation lawyers demanded that he be present at the next court hearing. Ovechko and Onischenko, privates of M.U. 7576, who were in the same lorry, said that before the crash it got on the side of the road three or four times.

The officers of the Road Patrol Service, Y.N. Sibiryakov, K.V. Mitrokhin, A.A. Stebenkov, who made an on-the-spot investigation, answered the Mikhail Golovenchik's question about what Valeyev should have done after noticing the weaving of the car - they said that Valeyev should have stopped driving the car.

D.V. Andreyev, military doctor who accompanied the column, said that all the servicemen in the car suffered injuries: Saidulov died; Tolstopyatov got serious injuries but survived; all the rest got light injuries.

Lawyers of the Mother's Right Foundation, representing the interests of the deceased, demanded that Kosharny and three other witnesses be subpoenaed.

The father of the deceased, Binali Zainulovich Saidulov, arrived from the Rostov Region and attended today's court session to express his position. He asked the court to impose the maximum punishment on Valeyev.

The next court session is scheduled for May 26, 2011 (11:00). Watch our press releases!