2009/07/09 "Yezhovshchina"

  • Press Release No. 65/1208
  • 09/07/2009

Today, July 9, the Mother's Right Foundation received new information on the investigation of the case of the death of Alexander Mazhuga. Let us remind you that Alexander was called up to the Army from Kurgan on June 24, 2009. Together with other recruits, he was sent to Chelyabinsk and from there, on June 27, to Birobidjan by a Far Eastern military train. Sasha did not reach Birobidjan. On June 30, the Kurgan Military Commissariat called to Sasha's parents, Sergey Alexandrovich and Tatiana Alexandrovna, and told that their son supposedly committed suicide in the train at night from June 29 to 30 and, at the moment, was in critical condition in the hospital of Nizhneudinsk Town, Irkutsk Region.  The parents found their son still alive but in coma. Sasha was not able to tell them about what had happened to him in the military train within those two days. On June 6, 2009, he died in hospital without recovering. Sasha's parents did not believe the official version of their son's death: they found haematomas and scratches on Sasha's head. The pictures made by the parents show a scratch on the left side of the forehead and a haematoma near his left eye. It is significant that the parents were advised to pay some people for Sasha to stay home. They were ready to pay, but he asked not to do this because he wanted to serve in the Army and only then continue his studies in college. He had a plan for his life. The parents of the deceased thought that their son had been murdered and applied to the Mother's Right Foundation.

To execute an investigation, A.I. Yezhov, investigator of the Military Investigation Office of the Bratsk Garrison, went to Nizhneudinsk, Irkutsk Region. Instead of keeping to the Criminal Procedure Code and investigating the causes of Sasha's death, in Nizhneudinsk, Yezhov was busy doing nothing but driving Sasha's parents to infarctions....  They described this in their letter of complaint and sent it to the Office of Military Prosecutor of the Bratsk Garrison.

Far from their home town (2 day journey), estranged from their relatives and friends, Sasha's parents were denied to put their son's body in the local morgue. They were by their son's bedside up to the end and survived his death. Then, they had to stay in Nizhneudinsk and wait for permission to take their son's body home. They were lodged in the dormitory of the Military Unit.

On July 8, Sasha's parents felt that they were completely run down. Late at night (between 9 and 10 p.m.), Sasha's mother was having a rest in her room, while the father went out to the gate to breath in some fresh air. At that moment, investigator Yezhov came up to Sergey Alexandrovich and insisted that he talk to him and the mother of the deceased. Sergey Alexandrovich tried to explain that he and his wife were not able to talk because they were exhausted. He asked the investigator to bring a document confirming their victim status in the death case of their son and postpone their conversation till the next morning. But investigator Yezhov would spit on the grieving parents. He entered the dormitory and burst into the room. Though Tatiana Alexandrovna tried to explain that she was not well, in spite of common sense and rules of social conduct, Yezhov insisted that they talk immediately. And what is more, Yezhov did not think that his actions had been impertinent enough; he threatened that he would draw up a document about their refusal to have a conversation with him, that he would invite some witnesses to sign the document, that the document would influence the investigation of Sasha's death.  Being unable to endure Yezhov's behaviour, Sasha's parents called to the Mother's Right Foundation.

Today, July 9, the mother and father were busy with sending their son's body to Kurgan, but that did not embarrass investigator Yezhov. He kept calling to the parents and demanding that they take back their application for victim status. He used such phrases as ‘my conditions are as follows', ‘my conditions have changed', etc. We wonder if he could have been insolent to the officers that had escorted Sasha Mazhuga in the train. At the end of the day, the parents informed us that Yezhov had denied Sergey Alexandrovich Mazhuga of his victim status.

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