2009/12/03 "Just Give It a Moment Before You Send Us Away ..."
  • Press release №: 115/1258
  • от: 03/12/2009

If one of these days in your mailbox you found a leaflet from the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation asking for help, please do not be surprised. This means that we - the volunteers of the Foundation and the staff members working on the voluntary basis - visited your apartment building. And please do not throw away the leaflet. If you do not need it - just pass it on to your colleague or friend.

Starting November this year the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation is temporarily not engaged in active operations. However, the Foundation staff members still continue their work even without being paid their salaries. During this difficult month we however won a number of cases - that is when we were able to obtain the tickets to get to the courtroom. After the concert in the underground passage, after our roaming the subway and suburban trains, after our visits to the apartment buildings (that is how we distribute the Foundation leaflets with the requests to help us), we still have to come back to our office and to continue our work - to answer the phone calls from the parents of the deceased soldiers and to read newly received letters - to answer these calls for help. We are doing all we can to try and keep the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation going. On one day, when we were discussing the possibilities of hitch-hiking to the court sessions, Anna - the reader of "Novaya Gazeta" came to our meeting and suggested that for the short travels she could drive the lawyers to the court sessions in her own car. People ask us, how long will the Foundation be able to go on without sufficient funds? We do not have the answer to this question. As long as we have enough oatmeal porridge and jam in storage. As long as we are able to find money for public transportation, so we can get to the office (we sent the petition to the subway administration inquiring if they can issue the free passes for our staff members; the favorable decision would help us a lot). As long as people will continue donating the envelopes and stamps, so we can keep up our correspondence with the parents of the deceased soldiers.

Speaking about stamps - postal expenditures of the Foundation are very high. To send a non-registered (normal) letter within the Russian Federation one need to use an envelope with the type "A" stamp. This kind of envelope costs 11 rubles 50 kopecks, out of which the cost of the type "A" stamp is 9 rubles. However, all the court correspondence, inquiries, petitions and various official letters must be sent via registered mail. Mailing one registered letter costs 24 rubles 15 kopecks, plus additional 9 rubles for notification. To send out the Foundation's publications (publications for 2 months in a row are sent out together), we need to use plain white envelopes with a 10 rubles worth stamp. One circulation includes 750 copies, a and certain number of publications needs to be sent to the CIS countries, which is extremely expensive - currently the tariffs for the CIS is the same as for France! To send one registered letter to Ukraine costs 100 rubles.

Additionally, the Foundation distributes the books. The last edition published by the Foundation is "Legal Advice for the Parents of the Deceased Soldiers. Edition 4". It weighs 320 grams. The cost of mailing one book is 30 rubles 80 kopecks. If we need to put one additional page into the package with the book - a form to fill out or a covering letter - we have to pay for the overweight, as the package will be 325 grams, therefore, the mailing cost will reach 31 rubles 80 kopecks. Our correspondence with the European Court is especially expensive. Mailing a normal letter costs 60 rubles 70 kopecks, plus we need to pay for the notification - 31 rubles 10 kopeks. However, normally we do not send simple letters to the European Court. All of such correspondence contains a lot of documents and weighs quite a bit. This overweight increases the cost of the letter to the European Court up to 96 rubles 20 kopecks (plus the fee for the notification - 31 rubles 10 kopecks).

Moreover, when working on the criminal cases we often have to mail the reports of forensic examinations. Each report weighs 200-300 grams and mailing it costs 40 rubles 15 kopecks to 45 rubles 15 kopecks (plus 9 rubles for the notification). The packages containing the documentation on the Foundation's lawsuits for moral damage compensation with all the necessary attachments are neither less heavy nor less expensive. This kind of package might weigh up to 200-500 grams, and mailing it costs 40 rubles 15 kopecks to 55 rubles 15 kopecks (plus 9 rubles for the notification).

And additionally, the Foundation mails the documentation packages to each family that contacts us for the first time. We mail them small parcels that usually weigh 350-560 grams, and mailing them costs 32 rubles 80 kopecks to 42 rubles 80 kopecks. Taking into account our dire financial situation, we are waiting in terror for the next increase in the postal tariffs (usually this happens after the New Year holidays).

Annually, the Foundation mails over 10 thousand letters. Stamps and envelopes are never enough. The stamps and envelopes with neutral patterns are used for the correspondence with the parents of the deceased soldiers. Stamps and envelopes with the military patterns we use for mailing the official letters and documents to the official institutions. If by any chance you have any spare envelopes or stamps and you have no idea what to do with them - please donate them to the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation. Please rest assured that each of the donated stamps will be put to good use.

We truly appreciate the help of each and every person, who chose to support us at this difficult time. We appreciate the help of those, who donated the envelopes, stamps and the stationary. We appreciate the help of those, who sent donations to the account of the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation. Among those people are our friends and supporters of the Foundation: the journalists and representatives of the non-profit organizations. Among them are the best people in the world - our long time and new volunteers. Among them are people we never met, who received our leaflets and chose to help us. We want to thank the senior management of the airlines, who secured free flight tickets for us, so we could travel to the court sessions. Thanks to the management of the "UTair" our lawyer was able to travel to the Akhtubinsky District Court to represent Viktor Andreevich Zotkin, the father of the deceased soldier. Thanks to S-7 Airlines (Siberia), we were able to help Rail Gilmuhanovna and Alik Dautovich Mratov, the parents of the deceased soldier. Thanks to OJSC "Russian Railways", we were able to travel to Nizhny Novgorod to represent the families of the veterans of military operations (the cases of Prityka and Belyanina) and to Tambov to represent Nina Vasilyevna Romashina. We were able to travel to Smolensk to represent Natalya Aleksandrovna Dudina - thanks go to our new volunteer Anna Lobach, who drove our lawyer in her own car for free. Our volunteer lawyer Tatyana Sladkova was able to fly to Orsk, Orenburgskaya Oblast, to represent the mother of the deceased serviceman Elena Nikolayevna Karimova, and to Apsheronsk, Krasnodarsky Krai, to represent the father of the deceased serviceman Oleg Anatolyevich Dubovitsky - all thanks to your donations that accumulated on the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation's account in November - the accumulated money was enough to purchase the tickets.

A lot of people chose to help the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation at this difficult time. The staff of the Referent Company (Referent Company have been providing maintenance services for the Foundation's legal database) having learnt about our situation filed a petition to their management with the request to continue providing services to the MOTHER'S RIGHT Foundation for free. In case of the approval that would help us a lot. The Foundation's friends and volunteers are persistently giving us their energy, time, money and ideas for free. Some are getting us tickets for public transportation - working in commercial companies they get them for free. Some supporters, who doubt that we will be able to sustain ourselves with mere oatmeal porridge for long enough, bring us their home made jam. It may feel rather embarrassing, but after having worked without any pay for the whole month of November, we are ready to accept both the tickets and the jams. In the nearest future the Foundation is planning to get together with our friends and volunteers and to do some brain storming - we will discuss the ideas that might work towards survival of our good cause.

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