2010/10/26 "Trial on Alexander Usachev’s Death Begins"
  • Press Release No. 51/1319
  • 26/10/2010

On October 28, the 235th Garrison Court starts considering the case of Alexander Usachev's (b. 1991) death in the army. He was called up to military service on October, 6, 2009, and served in M.U. 61899, Moscow Region. On March, 29, 2010, he died in guard service. The investigation of Alexander's death, established that he had been driven to death by the criminal actions of his commander, junior lieutenant Frizen. According to the investigation, Frizen found a way to earn extra money - he extorted money from subordinated soldiers. There were also mentioned multiple cases of bribing on the part of Frizen.  To get a leave-pass, soldiers regularly paid Frizen, 5-year student of the Law Department of the Tiraspol Branch of the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law....

From the bill of indictment: "Frizen (...), being an official, namely the commanding officer of the 2nd motor rifle platoon, 2nd motorized rifle company, 1st motor rifle battalion, who performed organizational and supervisory functions in the armed forces of the RF, acted deliberately for selfish reasons and in order to illegally enrich himself by taking other peoples' belongings; he used his official standing though he realized the social danger of his actions and their dangerous consequences: from February,1 to March, 29, 2010 while performing his official duties on the territory of M.U. 61899, he continuously humiliated the subordinated soldier, A.V. Usachev, extorting money in the sum of 30 000 rubles..." In order to find the demanded sum, Sasha tried to sell his cell phone and applied for money to his friends and relatives. But the sum was too large to be raised. In February and March, Frizen reminded Usachev of the money many times.

Frizen is charged under Art. 290, s.2, of the RF Criminal Code (bribe by an official) - for the proven facts of bribing for leave-passes; within the frame of the case of Alexander Usachev, Frizen is charged under Art. 163, s. 1, of the RF Criminal Code (extortion), and Art. 286, s. 3, p. "c" (abuse of authority resulting in grave consequences).

The interests of the mother of the deceased will be represented the Mother's Right Foundation lawyer, Tatyana Sladkova. The session starts at 10.00.