2010/11/02 "Extortion in Military Unit No. 61899"
  • Press Release No. 54/1322
  • 02/11/2010

TODAY, November 2, the 235th Garrison Court continued reviewing the death case of Alexander Usachev. Alexander, born in 1991, was called up to military service on November 6, 2009, and served in m.u. 61899, Moscow Region. On 29 March, 2010 he perished while standing guard. According to the results of the investigation, he was driven to death by the criminal actions of his immediate commander, junior lieutenant Freesen. It turned out, that Freesen found a way to earn extra money - he extorted money from subordinated soldiers. In the process of the investigation, multiple facts of his bribe-taking from servicemen were revealed.  In order to go on leave soldiers regularly paid Freesen, a 5-year student of the Tiraspol Branch of the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law. At present, Freesen is charged under Art. 290, s.2, of the RF Criminal Code (bribe by an official) - for the proven facts of bribing for leave-passes; within the frame of the case of Alexander Usachev, Frizen is charged under Art. 163, s. 1, of the RF Criminal Code (extortion), and Art. 286, s. 3, p. "c" (abuse of authority resulting in grave consequences). Tatyana Sladkova, lawyer of the MOTHER`S RIGHT foundation, appears in court on behalf of mother of the deceased.

Today is the second hearing of this case (the first one was held on October 28, 2010). The Court is examining witnesses. Last time 17 people were questioned, and all their evidence confirmed that Freesen had let his subordinates leave the unit for certain sums of money.

Today, the mother of dead Alexander Usachev and his friends came at court.

Alexander`s mother, Natalia Valentinovna Usacheva, told that her son had been given a leave by Freesen on 5-7 March, 2010. She was in touch by phone with Freesen and he confirmed, that he had allowed Alexander to go. It turned out that Sasha came to ask his mother for money. «Now I understand that Freesen acted illegally when he allowed him to leave, in order to take money after his arrival. At son`s request, I gave him 8 thousand rubles».

Sergey Zolotov, an old friend of Sasha`s, alleged that the deceased had not had any difficulties in his civil life, and that he had not been involved into car accident, as it was claimed by some of Freesen's defense witnesses (witness Stasyuk, who served  with the deceased in different platoons, stated that according to Usachev, he had become involved a car accident and needed 30 thousand rubles). Pavel Kostyrev, another friend of Sasha`s, also confirmed that Usachev hadn`t been involved in any car accident. He also told that he had received SMS message from Alexander, in which the latter had asked to send him 8 thousand rubles. Natalia Kiseleva, who was acquainted with Sasha, confirmed that the young man had asked her and her parents for money, and that he hadn`t been involved into any car accident.

Freesen, who is not on the whole denying the charge of letting soldiers leave the military unit for money, insists that he didn`t take any money from Alexander. He attempted to tell Sasha`s mother, that she had a handsome son, that he let him go for nothing. «I saw him off, I met him...» - said Freesen.


  • - The cost of your meeting was pretty good - 8 thousand rubles, - answered Natalia Valentinovna.

She pleaded in the court that she considered Freesen guilty of her son`s death.

According to Internet-library Public.Ru, an average size of a bribe in Russia reached 27 thousand rubles. The problem of corruption was analyzed on the basis of the materials of 1500 print media sources, both central and regional. According to the data from the Levada Centre, an average size of a bribe in Russia in 2010 amounted to 8887 rubles. This sociological service rested not upon media sources data, but upon public opinion poll.            

The next court hearing is scheduled for 11 November, 2010, 10:00 a.m.