2010/10/01 "Right to Justice"
  • Press Release No. 45/1313
  • 01/10/2010

Today, October 1, 2010, the Civil Chamber of Adygei  Republic Supreme Court consisting of the judges: Raziet Aslancherievna Khapacheva, Elizaveta Anatolyevna Tkhagapsova, Vera Mikhaylovna Meyster, considered a cassation appeal filed by the Mother's Right Foundation against the decision of Maikop City Court on the case of Belova, has passed the following judgment  -  to dismiss the claims of cassation appeal. The Mother's Right Foundation will appeal against this decision in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Ludmila Nikolaevna Belova is the mother of Vladimir Korotkiy (b. 1976), who within a group of the 131st separate motorized rifle brigade (Maikop one) was sent to Chechnya where he was killed during New Year military attack of the city of Grozny in January 1, 1995.  As well as many other soldiers - participants of that attack - Vladimir for a long time had been considered missing in action. At the date of the attack Vladimir was 18 years old (for more details please see the Press Release by the Mother's Right Foundation N 43/1311 of September 29, 2010).

Vladimir's body in spite of all efforts of his mother, who walked all over Chechnya in search of her son, has not been found. Belova together with other mothers had traveled across Chechnya for 2 years. They were in flashpoints under attack of Russian airforce. The officers using filthy language sent them back home - Don't go, don't search, don't disturb. Belova doesn't have a grave of her son where she can come and cry. Belova has poor health - after all suffering she has gone through, she is severely ill. After stroke she hardly walks and moves within her home with crutches. She cooks and washes only seated. She doesn't have money - nowhere to take them from. She doesn't have any disability status - local doctors think that a person with her health condition doesn't match even 3d group of disability (!). Now she will not have a 1000 Ruble  allowance to her monthly payment which all parents of soldiers  killed on duty after January,16th,1995 are to receive.  That is a decision of shameless officials of Maikop Pension Fund and shameless Maikop authorities supported them.

Maikop City Court (judge T.Y. Bobina) on August 4, 2010, and today the Civil Chamber of Adygei  Republic Supreme Court dismissed the claims of the mother of the killed soldier for the reason that on their opinion the date of Vladimir's Korotkiy death is July 24, 2000. This is a date when Vladimir had been considered dead by the court decision.   Although the mother of the killed soldier has a document - nomination of Vladimir Korotkiy to the Order of Courage posthumously, signed by the Commander of the 131st separate motorized rifle brigade: "During military attack of the city of Grozny from December 31,1994 to January 1, 1995 Vladimir was a part of second assault detachment at the crew IFM N214 in the capacity of  combat reconnaissance patrol. At the crossing of Staropromyslovskogo Road and Altayskaya Street the army convoy had gotten into an ambush and IFM's track and engine were damaged. The crew along with the soldiers of the landing detachment occupied all-round defense. The battle lasted more than an hour and the crew fought to the last cartridge, nobody stayed alive".

If Maikop is known for anything, that is not for their shameless officials and judges, but for the 131st Maikop brigade consisting mainly of  18-20 year old boys - conscripts who were sent to the undeclared war to attack the city of Grozny. Almost all of them were killed there. Soldiers' parents who went to Chechnya in search of their children found their dismembered bodies, excavated burials with own their hands, exposed their lives to danger. Many years have gone in wandering all over belligerent Chechnya and indentifying soldiers' remains at the 124th Rostov laboratory. Some of the parents went through Chechen captivity; others in search of their children have gone missing. Therefore to refuse a monthly allowance in an amount of 1000 Rubles to Belova after she has been denied everything else: son's grave, the right to compensation for moral damage - is another meanness of our government and another shame of the Russian Federation.         

It has been 15 years since that New year attack. It seems that it has been a long period of time for officials of all levels to understand that the Russian Federation is obliged to these parents as long as they live for all the sorrow they have gone through. But indeed nothing has happened. It is not Belova who has to make the rounds of the officials' offices, but they have to call her and ask: "What can we do for you? How can we redeem our fault? " And our Russian "nabobs" who at the time when our boys were being killed in undeclared shameful war were busy with capital formation have to think about this issue as well. The Mother's Right Foundation as far back as 15 years ago asked money from them for the soldiers and their mothers to identify the soldiers' remains and release the captives.  Here is a quotation from the Press Release by the Mother's Right Foundation dated March, 1996: "The war in Chechnya is an undeclared war.  But neither the Government, nor the Ministry of Defense wants to take responsibility for the consequences of made decisions. Eighteen year old boys and their parents are suffering from misinformation and confusion. Help them! According to the official data, currently around 600 soldiers have gone missing in action. Among them are alive, taken in captivity and killed who cannot be identified even by their mothers (...). The Mother's Right Foundation addresses to the heads of commercial firms, banks and other structures! Almost all of you in a varying degree allocate money to charitable programs. Help the parents of soldiers - it is not their fault that they have gotten into trouble". Those who didn't respond to our appeal and didn't give money can help us now.  It is still not too late. Not everything has been decided. There are still unidentified remains at Bogorodskoe cemetery in Noginsk. The soldiers' mothers who accomplished a feat for their sons are still alive.  There are still those in front of whom we can bow and make an apology.  

There have been 2 cases in our country when the government has shown an example of normal social security for families of killed on duty military officers. The first one is with Atomic Submarine "Kursk". The families of dead seamen were provided with apartments. The second case is an operation in South Ossetia. The families of the dead were provided with 100.000 US dollars by the Ministry of Defense. For our country these have been surprisingly high compensations for human lives. What has to be a normal practice - the soldiers' lives should cost a lot - have been done by our country voluntarily only twice by way of exception. The attack of the city of Grozny that took place 15 years ago has been also an exceptional case. By the decision of the Head of State and the Minister of Defense the soldiers were sent to certain death.   They fulfilled their duty of soldiers. Their parents found themselves to be involved in a terrible situation - they had not been informed of what had happened to their children, they had received their children neither alive, nor dead and therefore they had to go in search of their children by themselves.  It would be right if the government in spite of brushing aside the situation by the hands of Pension Fund's officials compensated their moral sufferings. The number of parents who went all along Chechnya at that time is not big; some parents have already passed away. We require the right to justice from the authorities. The mothers have this right.

The Mother's Right Foundation continues working on the case of Belova and we will appeal against the cynical refusals in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.