2013/11/25 "Handlers picked projectiles and de-miners gathered tomatoes"
  • Press release # 48/1571
  • Dated: 25/11/2013

The Mother's Right Foundation keeps on supporting for complainants in the case, which was launched on October 1, 2013 in the Voronezh garrison military tribunal. Due to that case, two mothers of deceased soldiers Larisa Surovtseva and Alevtina Nekrasova looked to the Foundation’s legal support. Their children Nikita Belov (was born in 1992) and Dmitri Nekrasov (was born in 1993) were conscript privates in military unit #08318 and died of explosion of a projectile on June 26, 2012 at the “Pogonovo” firing range (Voronezh district). 11 soldiers were injured - brain commotion and scratches. (As for the first part of the first judicial trial, please see the Mother's Right Foundation press release #43/1566 dated October 10, 2013). The charges were filed against the commanding officer (CO) of the unit lieutenant colonel Syurakshin in accordance with article 286, part 3, clause “B” i.e. abuse of office resulted in grave consequences as by the order of the CO the untrained conscript soldiers were cleaning the firing range and access routes from Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

When the witnesses told that the cleaning of UXO was conducted not by de-miners all participants of the trial were keen on to know where the de-miners were when the untrained conscripts were tasked to collect life-threatening projectiles barehanded.

Judge Viktor Kotlyarenko, who chaired the trial, addressed this question to defendant. But Syurakshin threw prudence to the winds saying “Beats the shit outta me, may be they were sleeping!” (during the trial he allowed himself to call hard names). In the end deminers Shparodovskiy, Gladilin, Boklogov, Vasilyanskiy were summoned to appear before court. They told that on June 26, 2012 they were hanged about but were not at the firing range. Some of them were engaged into bunker construction, gathered tomatoes for a farmer (as agreed by Syurakshin and the farmer soldiers complementary reaped a harvest in the farm and the farmer in his turn was supposed to deliver vegetables on free-of-charge bases to the unit. However, none of the witnesses could remember whether he had seen fresh vegetables in a canteen); made furniture for barracks (one says, he was a cabinet maker before the Army), served as drivers in a motor company (another says that they were not tasked to go to the firing range for cleaning) and one de-miner was just over with a duty – he was a coal-heaver.

Today on November 25, the oral statements of the parties began. Prosecutor Sergei Gusev said that there were evidence of the guilt and asked five year-imprisonment term for Syurakshin. His lawyers asked to justify the commanding officer!!!

The mothers of the deceased soldiers Larisa Surovtseva and Alevtina Nekrasova insist on a maximum possible severe punishment for the accused “We place our children under Syurakshin’s authority and he exclaimed that there were cannon fodder for him. He sent our sons to their doom!”…

The verdict is scheduled on November 28. Follow the Foundation’s press releases.