2008/05/20 "Inefficient and Indifferent"
  • Press Release 55/1056
  • 20/05/2008

TODAY, May 20, the Lyubertsy Garrison Military Court announced its verdict in the criminal case of Evgeny Filippov from Ulyanovsk City who died in the Army. K. Roslov, the accused, was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of general regime (for further details on Evgeny's death, see our press release of May 6, 2008). Konstantin Roslov, a private of Unit 83421, was charged under Article 335, Section 3, (hazing with grave consequences).

Tatyana Sladkova, a lawyer of the Mother's Right Foundation, represented the interests of the family of the deceased at no charge as usual. The previous sessions on the case were held on May 7, 12, 13 and 19, 2008 (see our press releases No. 50/1051 of May 7, 2008, No. 52/1053 of May 12, 2008, No. 53/1054 of May 13, 2008, No. 54/1055 of May 19, 2008).

TODAY, Judge Yuri Nikolayevich Chepelev announced a verdict according to which Roslov was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of general regime. On behalf of the parents of the deceased, our lawyer Tatyana Sladkova pointed out that the trial had been held with multiple violations. The Mother's Right Foundation points out in particular the violation of Articles 2 and 13 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. We will definitely appeal against today's judgement.

In fact, it is absolutely inadmissible. The family of the deceased has every reason to conclude that their son was murdered. After reading the case file, the parents of the deceased became even more suspicious.

1) Evgeny died just 9 days prior to his discharge. Why would a person waiting for a discharge hang himself? He was making plans for life and asked his aunt and parents to find him a job by his homecoming;

2) Medicolegal examination revealed that Evgeniy had been heavily beaten 40 minutes prior to his death. An expert qualified the beating as heavy damage to health. As a result, Evgeny could lose consciousness which means that he was unable to commit suicide. However the Court didn't bother to ask a medico-legal expert or forensic scientist about it and rejected the petition of the affected party to summon them for questioning;

3) Evgeny was tall and strong and went in for boxing. His parents consider the fact incompatible with the official version that Roslov alone could cause him heavy injuries;

4) Evgeny was an orthodox Christian: a noose was tightened over a cross, and several icons were found among his belongings;

5) Witnesses' testimonies have no credibility: no one saw Filippov eating on the day of the event, and no one saw any injuries. But the medico-legal examination detected a nasal trauma received 6\48 hours prior to the death, which witnesses couldn't fail to notice (it is clearly seen on posthumous photos). Much food was found in the stomach of the deceased, therefore, Evgeny must have eaten a proper meal not long before his death. However the Court didn't bother to eliminate the contradictions and didn't summon necessary witnesses for questioning;

6) Beside Roslov, there were plenty of people in the Unit: patrol - 2 people, unknown persons watching TV - 2 people; probably, KP - 15 people. Neither the investigative body nor the Court identified these persons. They didn't properly investigate any of the contradictions in the case either. Thus, they deprived the Filippovs of their right to know the truth about their son's death. Speaking in terms of the Convention, they were deprived of the right to an effective remedy. It's hard to find more precise words.

It's remarkable that Ms. Volchkova, the attorney hired by the accused, didn't attend today's session and, according to Roslov's parents, told them that it was the Mother's Right Foundation that demanded 10 years of imprisonment for their son. It is not true. It is a (very rare!) case when we didn't make such a demand because we weren't sure that Roslov was guilty. We demanded a qualified judicial investigation because the parents of the deceased want to know the truth.