2012/05/15 "Trust, but verify!"
  • Press Release No. 40/1474
  • 15/05/2012

The Mother's Right Foundation informs that we did not authorize representatives of other public organizations to give interviews to the media on the case of S. Putintseva which our lawyers won in the European Court of Human Rights on May 10, 2012.

All the necessary information on the case was made available to Russian and foreign media in full and in a timely manner in our press release No. 39/1473 of May 11, 2012. The press release has references to the foundation press releases of 2003 (on this case) and our press centre contacts so that journalists could apply to it at any moment.

The Mother's Right Foundation did not commission Ms. Rechkalova, representative of the Krasnoyarsk Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, to retell the foundation press release to the Interfax Information Services or other media.

The version of the news from Interfax-Siberia under the title "ECHR found Russia responsible for the death of the soldier who was shot in a military unit in Siberia" is available in the Internet and is puzzling. According to their version, the press release of the Mother's Right Foundation did not contain the information on the date of the soldier's death, and the journalists of Interfax had to apply to some Ms. Rechkalova?, representative of the Krasnoyarsk Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. Meanwhile, the foundation press releases always contain complete information on cases, including dates of events. It's not clear what the news has to do with Ms. Rechkalova who has no concern with the case in question.

When Interfax was preparing the news, its representatives did not call to the Mother's Right Foundation, and nobody contacted us for explanations or comments.

Interfax did mention the Mother's Right Foundation but for some reasons hushed up the fact that it were the foundation lawyers who had won the case of Mrs. Putintseva in the European Court.

We would not like to think that such interpretation of the news is part of the information politics aimed to belittle the social importance of the noble work of Russia's independent NGOs, including the Mother's Right Foundation. Unfortunately, many media companies have reprinted the information from Interfax-Siberia. This press release is our appeal to those journalists who reprint information published by the leading information agencies without verifying it. If there's the possibility to verify your information, do it. Otherwise your material will become an illustration of the saying "First, a sensation, then a mess, then a search for the guilty, and at last, giving awards to those uninvolved".