2012/05/25 "Member of Tambov Region Administration Dismissed for Death of Six Servicemen"
  • Press Release No. 43/1477
  • 25/05/2012

On May 25, late at night, the Tambov Garrison Court announced the verdict in the case of A.A. Slobodyan, the former commanding officer of M.U. 54607. The foundation lawyers, Tatiana Sladkova and Zarema Yusupova, participated in the trial that started on September 28 and lasted eight months. The story of the case is as follows: On September 13, 2009, the fire took place in the headquarters of M.U. No. 54607. As a result of poisoning, Major Eduard Dudenkov, Captain Artem Popov, Privates Vladimir Borovikov and Denis Zlobin died. Later on the same day, Major Vitaly Ivanov died in hospital. On September 19, 2009 Private Igor Sinyavsky died of poisoning and burns. The Mother's Right Foundation represented the interests of the mother of Private Igor Sinyavsky and the parents of Private Vladimir Borovikov. (For more information, see press releases: No. 72/1408 of September 28, 2011; No. 89/1425 of November 15, 2011; No. 38/1472 of May 5, 2012.)

When the trial started, A.A. Slobodyan held the position of the Head of the Safety and Order Department of the Tambov Region. It was important for the parents of the deceased servicemen to prove that the person, that had tolerated unsafe conditions in his unit, had no right to guide other people.

As a result of a hard trial, during which A.A. Slobodyan made numerous calls to the grieving parents trying to make them ‘change their position' (neither the Sinyavvskys nor the Borovikovs agreed to betray their sons), we won the case. The former unit commanding officer and the current state official is charged under Art. 293, s. 3, of the RF CC (negligence resulting in the death of two or more persons). Besides, A.A. Slobodyan was deprived of holding a leading position in state bodies for the following two years, i.e. on May 25 he was dismissed from his work.  

The claims against the Ministry of Defense filed by the Mother's Right Foundation on behalf of Nadezhda Anatolievna Sinyavskaya were satisfied in full: 2,000,000 rubles is the cost for the wrong appointment and negligence of fire safety in M.U. 54607.