2013/03/20 "Second Class Action Won in Krasnodar"
  • Press Release No. 15/1538
  • 20/03/2013

Today, March 20, the Mother’s Right Foundation claims victory in the second class action heard in Pervomaisky District Court, City of Krasnodar. The foundation represented the interests of family members of fourteen veterans who perished in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Dagestan in different years: Vladimir Adodin, Vyacheslav Alentyev, Igor Arbuzov, Yevgeny Dudin, Mikhail Dyakov, Mikhail Znudkin, Dmitry Mazutov, Konstantin Nesterchuk, Yevgeny Sadovoi, Oleg Pomnyaschy, Igor Tribuntsov, Oleg Tyrtyshny, Sergei Cherednichenko, Vladimir Chikmezov. The family members applied for help to the Mother’s Right Foundation because the Military Commissariat of Krasnodar Region had denied them an increase (by 32%) in their survivor’s pensions. Thanks to the foundation’s victory, the plaintiffs will start receiving increased pensions. Also, the court obliged the defendant to pay arrears to the families of the deceased veterans. This is the second class action lawsuit the Mother’s Right Foundation won in Krasnodar. The first successful class action was heard March 11, 2013 (Press Release No. 12/1535 of March 11, 2013).

At present, the rights of family members of dead veterans are violated on a mass scale which makes the Mother’s Right Foundation file class action lawsuits. Several months ago, the foundation stated a new goal: all deceased veterans’ families will receive an increased pension. We’re close to achieving the goal (several analogous cases are awaiting their turn, and thanks to the court practice influenced by the foundation’s work, they have good prospects of success).   

The position of the Mother’s Right Foundation in such cases is invariable: according to the law “On Pension Insurance of Servicemen”, Article 45, Clause (d), family members of dead veterans have the right to an increase (by 32%) in their survivor’s pensions. The Pervomaisky District Court, City of Krasnodar, supported the foundation’s position and satisfied its claims.

Today’s victory of the Mother’s Right Foundation has led to the restoration of the rights of twenty three family members of the deceased veterans:        

  •  Vera Kasyanovna Adodina
  • (mother of Vladimir Adodin)

 Vladimir Adodin served in M.U. 09332 (Maikop Brigade). He took part in the New Year's Eve Battle of Grozny in January 1995. He and his crew were taken in captivity. During the military action of January 1, 1995, Dudayev’s militants sent Vladimir Adodin as a truce envoy to brigade commander Savin. The militants obliged Vladimir to come back after negotiations otherwise they promised to shoot the crew. Vladimir delivered militants’ demands and went back. His mother was not informed on the circumstances of his death. The body of Vladimir Adodin and the body of the brigade commander were transported in the same truck. 

  • Natalia Vyacheslavovna Alentyeva and Yuri Fyodorovich Alentyev
  • (parents of Vyacheslav Alentyev)

Private Vyacheslav Alentyev was a contract serviceman, and perished on July 27, 2005. He was killed in action near the Village of Botlikh located not far from the border of Chechnya.

  • Denis Igorevich Arbuzov
  • (son of Igor Arbuzov)

Senior Lieutenant Igor Arbuzov was killed in Chechnya on February 19, 1996. He died of “numerous gunshot wounds on the head and body and the damage of internal organs”.

  • Larisa Mikhailovna Dudina and Mikhail Alexandrovich Dudin
  • (parents of Yevgeny Dudin)

Senior Sergent Yevgeny Dudin was killed in Chechnya on February 21, 2000. He was awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously).

  • Olga Viktorovna Dyakova, Yana Mikhailovna Kolomiytseva,
  • Tatiana Mikhailovna Timchenko (widow and daughters of Mikhail Dyakov)

Captain Mikhail Dyakov was killed in action in Afghanistan on December 14, 1981.

  • Valentina Mikhailovna Znudkina
  • (mother of Mikhail Znudkin)

Mikhail Znudkin was killed in action in Chechnya on January 27, 2000.

  • Yelena Sergeyevna Mazutova and Daniel Mazutov
  • (widow and son of Dmitry Mazutov)

Sergeant Dmitry Mazutov was a contract serviceman, and served in M.U. 42091 during the period from May 31, 2008 to August 12, 2008. He was killed in Abkhazia on August 12, 2008 (injuries inconsistent with life).

  • Svetlana Alexeyevna Nesterchuk, Irina Nikolayevna Nesterchuk, Viktoria Nesterchuk, Margarita Studenikina (mother, widow and daughters of Konstantin Nesterchuk)

Konstantin Nesterchuk served in M.U. 74814 and took part in action in Grozny, Chechnya. He had been missing since the autumn of 1996. Later, he was declared as having been killed in Chechnya on October 21, 1996.

  • Lubov Nikolayevna Sadovaya
  • (mother of Yevgeny Sadovoi)

Senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Sadovoi was killed in action in Chechnya on April 11, 2001.

  • Nina Dmitrievna Pomnyaschaya
  • (mother of Oleg Pomnyaschy)

Senior Lieutenant Oleg Pomnyaschy was the commander of a tank company. He took part in the New Year’s Eve Battle of Grozny at the beginning of the First Chechen War; he was killed on January 4, 1995.

  • Antonina Leontievna Tribuntsova
  • (mother of Igor Tribuntsov)

Colonel Igor Tribuntsov perished when on September 17, 2001 his helicopter was shot down by Chechen militants.

  • Ludmila Grigorievna Tyrtyshnaya
  • (mother of Oleg Tyrtyshny)

Captain Oleg Tyrtyshny was the commander of a reconnaissance squadron; he took part in the New Year’s Eve Battle of Grozny. He was killed on January 4, 1995.

  •  Olga Grigorievna Cherednichenko and Alexander Spiridonovich Cherednichenko
  • (parents of Sergei Cherednichenko)

Sergei Cherednichenko was killed in action in Chechnya on March 25, 2004.

  •  Alexander Savelievich Chikmezov
  • (father of Vladimir Chikmezov)

Lieutenant Vladimir Chikmezov was killed in action in Chechnya on April 4, 1996.

Thanks to the court’s decision, all plaintiffs will start receiving a survivor’s pension. Furthermore, the defendant was obliged to pay arrears: over 1,000,000 rubles in total.

Beside today’s class action in Krasnodar, the Mother’s Right Foundation won several analogous cases in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk (Press Release No. 13/1536 of March 19, 2013) and Moscow (Press Release No. 14/1537 of March 20, 2013).

Today’s victory has become possible thanks to the socially active citizens of the Russian Federation who support our activities. We call them ‘tysyachniks’ (thousanders): they have made a decision to make monthly donations in the amount of 1000 rubles. They call themselves ‘Club-500’. The Mother’s Right Foundation tries its best to keep on working in the interests of parents of deceased servicemen. We need 500 supporters, i.e. 500 citizens ready support their beliefs with actions.

We are not searching for those who just express their wish to live in a rule of law state – everybody wants to. We are searching for those who understand that a rule of law state and civilized society are not given for free. Neither state leaders nor oligarchs will promote them. They are well-to-do people… and they have enough power and money to solve their personal problems. They never face such challenges as follows: What to do when your sick son is called up to military service? How to survive if your only breadwinner died in a burning tank? What to do if a local military commissariat denies you an increased survivor’s pension? Their children will never find themselves in hot spots. For them, benefits and allowanced will never be the issue of survival. In case of a crisis, they will go abroad with all their relatives. They are not motivated to do anything for your sake…

A rule-of-law state can’t be created without your efforts. Those people who are troubled about the current situation in the country should ask themselves: What did I do to change our state and society? How did I change the world around me for the better? Did I do anything at all?


Members of the Club-500 are the most advanced citizens of the Russian Federation. They have already answered those questions and have made a decision to support the activities of the Mother’s Right Foundation. We are grateful to all those people who give us donations and thus give us the opportunity to keep on working. The list of tysyachniks is increasing but it is not complete without you. Join the tysyachniks! We need each other!

For more information on donations, please see: http://mright.hro.org/help