2013/01/18 "4.5 Years for Assault and Battery"
  • Press Release No. 04/1527
  • 18/01/2013

TODAY, 18 January, the Mother's Right Foundation claimed victory in the Vladikavkaz Garrison Court in the case of Artyom Zgersky's (b. 1993) death. Artem died of injuries as a result of assault and battery on the part of his fellow serviceman Zalukashev. The interests of plaintiff Alla Nikolayevna Zgerskaya were represented by the Mother's Right Foundation's lawyer Zarema Yusupova. Today, Judge Sakit Lachinov announced a decision in the case: Zalukashev was sentenced to 4.5 years in a penal colony of general regime under Article 335, Section 3, of the RF CC.

Artyom Zgersky was called up to military service in July 2012 and served in M.U. 20634. On 15 August, 2012 Artyom was beaten by his fellow serviceman Zalukashev (allegedly for failure to keep order in their subdivision). Zalukashev's blows were strong enough to cause grave injuries. For several days Artyom performed his duties while in pain. On 19 August, 2012 Artyom felt extremely bad and on 20 August 2012 he was transported to hospital. He died without recovering consciousness. According to an expert report, Artyom Zgersky's death was caused by his injuries (expert Natalia Oleinik gave necessary explanations during the hearing of 17 January).

Artyom's mother found the strength to arrive at the hearing of 15 January and to see the accused. She cried and said, ‘Artyom was not as strong as Zalukashev. He was 178 cm tall and weighed only 52 kg. Zalukashev is shorter but looks strong, and he knows martial arts. How could he raise a hand against Artyom?' Artyom was fond of music and nature; he had a special notebook with poems by Yesenin... Once, Artyom was on duty at the checkpoint. An old man, who was passing by, gave him an apple. Quite of a sudden, Artyom started crying: he remembered his late grandfather, his mom's dad...

One of his college friends said to his mother, ‘You see, Artyom is too good for this world... No malice in him. He is not like the rest of us. Once I quarreled with my friend and complained. And he said, "Did you try to talk to him, to reconcile with him?"'

One of his fellow students, Sasha, was constantly bullied because he was weaker than others. Artyom stood up for him and asked other guys not to offend him. Once he brought the boy to his mother's work and asked, ‘Mother, would you help him? Guys bully him. Let him have sports lessons for free'.

After Artyom's death, Alla Nikolayevna found a forged rose on his grave. Later, she knew that it was Sasha who had brought it.