2009/09/08 "Half a Million Roubles for Soldier’s Death"
  • Press release No. 81/1225
  • 08/09/2009

Today, September 8, the panel of judges of the Kurgan Region Court ‘corrected' the decision of the Timsky District Court, the Kursk Region, which was passed on the compensation claim for the death of Yevgeny Bondarev. Yevgeny Bondarev (b. 1988) was called up to military service on December 19, 2007, and served in Military Unit 3792, Cynologic Town, Moscow. He died on February 16, 2008. The mother was told that her son had supposedly ‘committed suicide' by hanging with a dog leash. The commanding officer wrote that there were no injuries on the body except a furrow on the neck. The investigation did not found out that Y. Bondarev had been hazed. But during the trial on the case of Alexey Tulsky, who was guilty of Bondarev's death (he was sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment under the RF CC, article 335, section 3), they announced the results of the medico-legal investigation, which had fixed numerous bruises and scratches on the body. Svetlana Nikolayevna still can't believe that her son is dead. She raised him alone. The Mother's Right Foundation claimed that the mother should be paid a compensation for moral damage caused by her son's death. On May 21, 2009, the Timsky District Court, the Kursk Region, passed the decision according to which Military Unit 3792 was to pay the mother a compensation of 100,000 roubles for her son's death. We considered the sum inadequate and sent a cassation appeal to increase the compensation.

The mother's interests were represented by the Mother's Right Foundation lawyer, Tatiana Sladkova. She stated the Foundation's position. When the Court was passing the decision, it did not take into consideration the mother's moral sufferings in full measure. After her son's death, Svetlana Nikolayevna's health got worse. She is 44 now. If you divide the compensation sum by 30 years, you'll get 300 roubles a month. It's not enough to buy the necessary medicines. She lost her son, her only support. Igor Vladimirovich Zabugin, representative of Military Unit 3792, said that the compensation sum was fair because it were not the commanding officers who ‘had done her harm directly'.  We should note that today he was quiet during the court session. When the case was tried in the Court of First Instance, he yelled: ‘Why are you scaring me with the European Court?"

After hearing the parties, the panel of judges consisting of Alexander Vladimirovich Zhuravlev, Elena Ivanovna Shuvayea, and Natalia Ivanovna Mukhametzyanova changed the decision passed by the Timsky District Court: now the guilty unit must pay the mother of the deceased 500,000 roubles as compensation for moral damage caused by her son's death.

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