2012/10/17 "Unbearable Cruelty"
  • Press Release No. 71/1505
  • 17/10/2012

On October 24, the Mother's Right Foundation once again handles the case of Lubov Pavlovna Natsina. At the moment, the case is one of the most outrageous ‘social cases' handled by the foundation. This is a story of the Ivanovo Region Commissariat and its unjust war against the grieving mother. Her elder son died in the army; her younger son is disabled. As a result of the officials' actions, the Natsins are at the edge. The Mother's Right Foundation appeals to everybody to support the family of the deceased serviceman and our advocacy efforts.

Lubov Pavlovna's elder son, Ivan Natsin (b. 1989), had a dream to serve in the armed forces. Ever since childhood, he had been fond of sports, particularly racing and gym. In 2009, his conscript service came to an end, but he signed a contract and continued his service in M.U. 12672. In August 2009, Vanya came home for vacations and shared his plans with his mother, ‘I'll earn money and come back to help you, mother'. Nobody could imagine that he would die in a month.

On October 3, the military unit held a ceremonial meeting: servicemen were receiving new ranks. During the meeting, Ivan lost consciousness. He was transported to the 32nd Military Marine Hospital. He was in bad condition and diagnosed with brain edema. Ivan was operated but died on October 5, 2009. Later, an autopsy showed that Ivan's sudden death was caused by a brain tumor...

Vanya's death was a sudden and terrible blow to his mother. She was left alone with Vanya's disabled younger brother (the boy suffers from epilepsy and needs drugs against seizures).

After Vanya's death, Lubov Pavlovna's health has worsened but she still works as a cook. Her salary is 8000 rubles. Her younger son's pension is 4500 rubles. This is all the family's income. Some 2000 rubles are paid for municipal utilities. 1200 rubles are spent on the anticonvulsive drug. The rest of the money is meant to keep both ends meet...

The social benefits due to the Natsins under the law could have relieved the situation but when the mother of the deceased applied to the military commissariat, her request was dismissed. Mrs. Natsina did not bring the case to court because she had no money to hire an attorney. Then, she knew about the Mother's Right Foundation and applied to us. We won the case in court (like many other similar cases): on March 27, 2012 the Sovetsky District Court (Judge Yekaterina Artyomenko) satisfied the claims of the Mother's Right Foundation and obliged the commissariat to grant the mother of the deceased a certificate confirming her right to social benefits. Then, the foundation won the case in the court of second instance: on June 27, 2012 the Ivanovo Region Court considered and dismissed the defendant's appeal and left the decision of the Sovetsky District Court in force. The commissariat should have granted a certificate to Mrs. Natsina and put an end to the story, but its officials decided to start war against the mother of the deceased serviceman. Perhaps, they were inspired with their wrong sense of patriotism or wanted to get some bonus for saving their department's budget money or just were cruel. God knows why they started this war. They decided not only to deny the mother of the deceased serviceman her social benefits, but to defame the serviceman's memory.

After their failure in court, the commissariat's officials decided to do their tricks with the help of military officials. Behind Mrs. Natsina's back, they decided to change the order issued by the unit, i.e. to replace the wording ‘death was related to his military service' with the wording ‘death was not related to his military service'. The officials of the commissariat found a prosecutor from the Military Prosecutor Office who agreed to help them. He sent a letter to the unit obliging the commander to change the order. The latter did not dare to oppose the prosecutor and changed the order. As a result of the united efforts of the commissariat's officials, the prosecutor and the commander of M.U. 12762, Ivan's ‘death was not related to his military service' as if he were a deserter or a drunkard or a criminal (these are three cases when a death is not related to military service). Thus, his mother has no right to measures of social support. When the commissariat applied to the same court referring to the so called newly found (arranged by its officials) circumstances, the same judge cancelled her own decision.

The Mother's Right Foundation notes that the military prosecutor office can be subpoenaed. Our lawyer will win another trial in the interests of Mrs. Natsina. On October 10, 2012 we won a similar case in Voronezh. The foundation has a positive experience in such cases. An unjustified cruelty towards Mrs. Natsina is immoral.

The Mother's Right Foundation will pay special attention to the Ivanovo Military Commissariat. We visit such notorious places as often as possible. Till their officials learn laws. Some commissariats have learnt their lessons. They send parents of dead servicemen to our foundation, ‘The foundation will file a lawsuit. We'll lose the trial and then grant all social benefits to you'. They support our claims in court because they know that it's no use to fight: the foundation will win in the long run.

Today's disastrous situation with the Natsins is a result of the unanimous actions of certain state bodies and officials - the commissariat, the military prosecutor office and the commander of the unit. The Mother's Right Foundation will do its best to have all those involved in forging the order punished for their illegal actions. It's a sin to do harm to the deceased serviceman's mother and his disabled brother. The officials should not save money at the expense of the needy. Instead, they should fight against corruption related to the state defense orders.

The Mother's Right Foundation will have to start a new trial to protect the interests of Mrs. Natsina. We are going to appeal against the forged order to restore the original wording. Read our press releases.

The actions of the Ivanovo Region Court in the case of Natsina are short-sighted and immoral. The officials' plan is doomed to failure.

The Mother's Right Foundation appeals to journalists to support the Natsins with publications.