2011/03/29 "Another Incident in Russian Army"
  • Press Release No. 21/1357
  • 29/03/2011

Today, March 29, another mother of a dead soldier came to the Mother's Right Foundation and asked for help. Her son, Alexei Bulanov (b. 1988), was called up to military service on December 4, 2010. He served in M.U. 61392, Moscow Region. On March 22, 2011 he perished.

That's what Larisa Vyacheslavovna told us: "On December 25, 2010 young soldiers - my son among them - took oath. After the ceremony, they were permitted to go home. Soldiers got leave warrants on condition that they would bring expensive drinks and snacks to lieutenant U. The latter demanded that my son bring two bottles of vodka, snacks, and 500 rubles. I had not enough money and bought only one bottle of vodka and a box of chocolate. I gave no money.

Son's second leave lasted from February 4 to February 6, 2011. Before the leave, son called me and told me that I should prepare 10 packs of Xerox paper and Sega PlayStation. I said I had no money. He got support from his girlfriend, Raisa. She bought 3 packs of paper and 10 packs of salt. Before returning to the unit, son met with a friend of his and borrowed a Sega. It is still at the unit.

The next leave lasted from March 18 to March 20, 2011. My son was ordered to bring 15 kg of white paint, three packs of Xerox paper, and badges of rank for senior servicemen. Son's girlfriend and I had no money and could not buy all this. I saw my son off. In a car he kept saying, "I am finished". On March 19 and 20, I noticed that son looked awful and kept silent. I asked him about what happened. He told me that before the leave lieutenant U. said, "When you are back I'll kill you."

On March 22, 2011 (approximately at 3 P.M.) I received a phone call. It was the unit's deputy commander for educational work, major... (I don't remember his name) and told me that my son had hanged himself. He asked my address and came to fetch me to the unit. On the way to the unit, he said that the death occurred between 14:00 and 14:30. I believe that my son did not hang himself. He was either driven to suicide or murdered, and then the murderers faked his suicide.

I ask to help me draw public attention to the case through the media and Internet".